70-290 Link List

Links of Interest:


70-290 Textbook Corrections

MSDN Academic Alliance: Online Software System

Microsoft Technet Online

Windows Server 2003 Tech Center

WindowsNetworking.com Online Magazine (very nice resource)

Nice TCP/IP Troubleshooting Guide

Nice TCP/IP Subnetting Explanation


Part 1: Managing and Maintaining the Operating System

Chapter 1: Introducing Microsoft Windows Server 2003

NTFS and FAT32 technical details

Chapter 2: Administering Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Chapter 3: Monitoring Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Chapter 4: Backing Up and Restoring Data

Chapter 5: Maintaining the Operating System

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer download link

Nlite: a useful, free deployment tool that gives a GUI for designing unattended installs, slipstreaming service packs, hotfixes, etc. This software is probably not supported by Msft, so use at your own risk!

Part 2: Managing and Maintaining Users, Groups, and Computers

Chapter 6: Working with User Accounts

Chapter 7: Working with Groups

Chapter 8: Working with Computer Accounts

Part 3: Managing and Maintaining Shared Resources

Chapter 9: Sharing File System Resources

Chapter 10: Working with Printers

Part 4: Managing and Maintaining Hardware

Chapter 11: Managing Device Drivers

Chapter 12: Managing Disk Storage


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