Meetings 7, 8, & 9 (May 3, 8, & 10, 2007)

Sorry about the dead air! For meetings 7, 8, &9 I’ve got a few helpful readings, the concepts maps, and an updated class schedule:

70-290 Class Schedule v5

Chapter 6 Concept Map

Chapter 7 Concept Map
More information on “Reversible Encryption” for passwords:

Kerberos Information:

Server 2003 and Kerberos

Wikipedia on Kerberos

(Somewhat) Simplified explanation of Kerberos


Nice how-to on using CSVDE (this author has a great sample spreadsheet that helps you do the most difficult part of using CSVDE: creating the Distinguished Name field for the import file!)

A Visual Basic script to add users to AD

Roaming Profiles

The book neglects to mention that you don’t have to visit each client computer to enable roaming profiles on a network (page 197 seems to indicate that this is the only way to enable this feature). This change can be made through… you guessed it: GPO.


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