Meeting 6 (May 1, 2007)

We had a good discussion of service packs, hotfixes, and SUS. Next class meeting we will discuss licensing and begin Chapter 6 where we’ll discuss:

  • User Accounts
  • Groups
  • Profiles
  • Account management

Chapter 5 Concept Map

70-290 Schedule v4

The License Logging Service has a troubled history in Microsoft Server products: erroneous usage counts, never releasing un-used licenses, etc. Here are some links to read on the sbuject:

Software Update Services, now Windows Server Update Services

Microsoft has changed Software Update Services (SUS) to Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). This change, they say, was “based on customer input.” The change focuses on WSUS’ role as an overall patch management and distribution system (SUS was meant only for Windows operating system patches).

Main improvements in WSUS:

  • WSUS can update more than just the OS. Updates to SQL Server, Exchange Server, Office, and others can be distributed through WSUS.
  • You can target updates to specific subsets of your network. This facilitates testing prior to network-wide rollout of patches. Testing is good 🙂
  • WSUS uses Backgrount Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) to avoid swamping network links with traffic.
  • WSUS has better management and reporting capabilities
  • WSUS uses a database for storing update approval information rather than an XML format text file.

Should you study SUS or WSUS for the 70-290 exam? Everything I can dig up says focus on SUS for the exam. Should you use SUS in production? It won’t be supported past Dec 6, 2006 so I would definitely choose WSUS for a new update infrastructure deployment.

Here are some helpful links:

Using disk imaging tools with Virtual Hard Drives

Command Prompt Reference for Server 2003

More abbreviated cmd reference

WSUS compared to two other patch management solutions:

Download Point for WSUS:

Migrating from SUS to WSUS:

Deploying WSUS:

Information on differences between SUS and WSUS:

WSUS Step-by-step Installation:

WSUS editorial:

Nifty piece on what’s new in WSUS:

WSUS resource page:

And finally, here is the download link for SUS SP1 (Microsoft says it won’t be available much longer…):


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