Meeting 5 (April 26, 2007)

Good discussion of backup software, technology and VSS!

70-290 Chapter 4 Concept Map

Further Readings:

Backup Technologies

Interesting Virtual Tape Drive software

Backup Rotation Schemes

Backup Rotation Schemes by Seagate

The TAO of Backup

Good information from Msft on Automated System Recovery

Overview of Server 2003 Backup

More on the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)

VSS White Paper

VSS in 10 minutes

The Authoritative Restore

Microsoft Overview

Using ntdsutil.exe to mark objects authoritative

Restoring an entire subtree (like an ON) using ntdsutil.exe

Distinguished Name Examples

Becomeing facile with the task of translating Active Directory object names from their everyday format to Distinguished Name format is important for completing an Authoritative Restore of AD. Below are two examples which illustrate this process:

  1. Computer called workstation1, a member of the contoso.local domain, located in an OU called developers which is inside another OU called Seattle:
  2. User called user001, a member of the contoso.local domain, located in an OU called Users:

From these examples, we can see that Distinguished Names (DN) go from specific to general as you read from left to right. DN’s are arranged just like DNS names but instead of using periods for separators, DN’s use commas; and instead of using an implied name structure DN’s use an explicit name structure (the attribute=value pairs that you see in the DN. Ex: OU=developers).


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