Meetings 3 & 4 (April 19 & 24, 2007)

We spent meetings 3 & 4 delving into server management with MMC and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and monitoring via System Monitor and Performance Logs & Alerts.

70-290 Chapter 3 Concept Map

70-290 Schedule v3

Obtain the public Beta of Windows Server “Longhorn”!

Here are some links to supplement the book:

A good explanation of how disks fragment

RDP Error Messages:

How to run OS X under VMWare:

Server Performance Tuning

What’s up with svchost#?

Excellent utility utility for picking apart svchost

Virtual Memory Information

Pagefile Optimization

Another Pagefile Optimization article

Check Pagefile Fragmentation

Memory usage snapshot tool

Nice Explanation of the Windows Virtual Memory Manger (VMM)

A nice overview of 2003 internals

Geeky description of the 2003/2003 file cache mechanism (related to VMM)

One of the most demanding applications for workstations is video editing. These users tend to have good advice on tweaking their systems for maximum performance.

This is THE MOST UP TO DATE article from Microsoft (that I can find) on the real how-it-works of Windows Server virtual memory. The article is dated 1992. Some specifics have surely changed, but the main memory management approach remains in use.
Tangent Alert!

You can do yourself a big favor as a system administrator and Microsoft exam-taker by familiarizing yourself with Group Policy Objects. Here are some resources which may help:

GPO Interactive Simulation

Microsoft’s page on Group Policy Management Console

Useful whitepaper/book on managing a network with Group Policy

Great website on Application Deployment via GPO

Work with Group Policy in a Virtual Lab environment on Microsoft’s Servers! (Scroll halfway down to page to see the Virtual Labs that relate to GPO). This Virtual Lab is a great resource. It uses a RDP-like connection within a web browser to connect over the Internet to a virtual server farm set up for experimentation. It’s a great free resource to gain hands-on time with Microsoft technology.

For class meeting 5, we will cover chapter 4 in the 70-290 book. See you Thursday!


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